Pre-Paid Funerals

Geo Hanson & Sons have their own Pre-Paid Funeral Trust. Our pre-paid funeral arrangements are bespoke to your own personal requirements. It will be your funeral so you dictate how much or how little you would like to include.

To draw up a pre-paid funeral would require a consultation with William which would take approximately 45 minutes. At the end of the consulation you will be given a price for the cost of your funeral, and if this price is acceptable it would require full payment (Unfortunately, we are not licensed to offer credit facilities or to accept payments by instalments), the paperwork would then be drawn up. There are three copies of the funeral arrangements: one copy for you, one copy for the office and one copy goes to the trustees of the pre-paid funeral trust.

The money you have paid for your funeral is then put into a bank account which cannot be accessed by anyone at Geo. Hanson & Sons. The money is regulated by two independent accountants and a financial advisor. It is up to these accountants to make sure that your money is invested and rises in line with increasing funeral expenses. This is now we can make the promise that once you have paid for your funeral with us, we will not ask for any money at time of death. The only exception to this would be if your family ask for services which were not originally requested or if the government decided to put VAT on funeral services.

Within the cost of your pre-paid funeral arrangements is the pledge that you will be collected from anywhere in mainland UK without any further cost. This gives you peace of mind should you take ill whilst on holiday that you will be brought home.

Pre-paid funeral arrangements remove a great deal of stress for families when their loved one has passed away. It is almost like a “funeral will.” When families are grieving for their relatives it is difficult for them to recall whether the funeral is to be a burial or cremation, or the favourite hymns to be played or whether the deceased wanted a minister or non-religious service. All of these questions are answered in the pre-paid arrangements.